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Look for opportunities to take the less-traveled roads - because there are no wrong turns.

Traveling off-the-beaten-path is going to places that are undiscovered by mass tourism. It's finding "hidden gems" and exploring them. It's going to places that aren't hotspots reviewed on Yelp or Tripadvisor. Perhaps you'll be more mindful of your journey and come out with a richer awareness of the Yucatán. Perhaps you'll get a little dirty and be out of your comfort zone. But, getting off the touristic path is a great way to truly get to know the country that you’re exploring.

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Tuesday, October 18

Meet Your Tour Guides

Velya Jancz-Urban

Velya's Fire/Wood element blend makes her a gregarious people-person - always desiring to make sure people are happy, smiling, and entertained.

Ehris Urban

Don't let Ehris' Earth/Wood element blend fool you. This nurturing herbalist has a love for adventure and finding new places. She's fearless, fun, and fluent in Spanish!

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