'Tis the season!

A Victorian Christmas


Victorians may have been strict with their morals, but they also had a pretty wicked sense of humor. Children boiled in teapots, dead robins, and a mouse riding a lobster aren't images we see today on Christmas cards. And just wait until you hear about the parlor game, Snapdragon! In Victorian times, this - and more - was all par for the course...


along with...


Harvest the Medicinal Benefits of your Christmas Tree!

Harvest the needles, twigs, and bark from your balsam fir and use it all year long to soothe and heal a variety of ailments - including relieving chest congestion, soothing sore throats, reducing anxiety, and inducing sleep. If you're like Ehris and Velya and don't put up a Christmas tree, you can still reap the medicinal benefits by wildcrafting or buying some balsam fir!

*Be sure you know the source of your tree prior to using its needles, twigs, and bark. Many tree farms use pesticides.