Spike Protein Detox

If you've had Covid 19, recently had a Covid 19 jab, or are experiencing "shedding" (symptoms related to injection transmission), you may benefit from this infusion, which includes spike protein inhibitors and spike protein neutralizers. 

So, spike proteins are those red push pin things?

Whatever "side" you're on regarding the Covid topic, unless you've been hermetically sealed in your house with a three-year food supply, there are probably spike proteins in your body - and that's a very bad thing.

If you've had Covid-19, had a Covid-19 injection, been around jabbed people, or are experiencing symptoms that may be related to Covid-19 injection transmission (also called shedding), you must reduce your body’s spike protein load.

We strongly recommend a comprehensive herbal protocol (available through an online herbal consultation) to strategize your spike protein detox - we advise everyone to detox viral and vaccine-induced spike proteins from their bodies on a daily basis. We do!

There's a new toxin in town - and it's known as the spike protein. This can be a result of the virus itself, or a result of any of the covid injections. Spike protein related illness is called spikopathy. Whether the injections are mRNA, or the more standard vector virus injection, they're  a form of gene therapy. They generate a genetic signal for your cells to create a spike protein to then trigger your immune system into action to attack your healthy cells. This has never been done with vaccines before.

As we all know, the SARS-CoV-2 virus contains a spike protein on its surface. You've seen images of the coronavirus - the spike proteins are those red push pins on the outside.

Spike proteins are also produced by your body after taking a Covid-19 jab. They function the same as the actual virus in that they're able to fuse to your cell membranes! Since they're made in your own cells, your cells are then targeted by your immune system in an effort to destroy the spike protein. So, your immune system’s response to spike proteins can damage your body’s cells. As your heart beats faster during intense athletic activity, the spike proteins are able to circulate faster throughout your body - a possible reason why so many athletes are collapsing/dying on the field. To summarize,  spike protein from a Covid infection, a Covid injection, or shedding causes damage to your body’s cells

Luckily, there are natural solutions to help reduce your body’s spike protein load. If a consultation isn't feasible, we suggest our Spike Protein Detox products, which include spike protein inhibitors and spike protein neutralizers.