Fit as a Fiddle

When your immune system is working properly, you don’t even notice it – but it’s constantly protecting you from bacteria, viruses, and toxins, and removing foreign bodies and malignant cells from your system.

Adaptogens help the body resist stressors of all kinds: physical, emotional, chemical, biological.

Feeding your body adaptogenic herbs can help keep your immune system strong! Learn how to make these adaptogen-rich remedies:

  • Berry Healthy Herbal Tea Blend – a loose-leaf, immune-enhancing mix of fruity antiviral herbs
  • Magic Mushroom Mix (hot chocolate with benefits)  –  if you don’t drink coffee, but  like the idea of coffee, then this is what you need! It supports the immune system and contains a bunch of herbs – and it tastes delicious!
  • Elderberry Syrup – as it simmers, does your elderberry syrup smell like a combo of cow manure and a vet’s office? You know that vet office smell…doggy, but kind of masked by cleaning products). Ehris and Velya will share their secret to fragrant Elderberry Syrup!

You’ll love these 3 remedies that Velya and Ehris make/take to keep their immune systems strong!

Frequent exposure to negative emotions may have an important impact on the functioning of the immune system. So, in these last two years that haven’t sparked much joy, it’s imperative to build a vigorous immune system.

An fyi… (because there’s honey in the Grounded Goodwife Elderberry Syrup recipe)

There’s no such thing as organic honey. Since most beekeepers don’t own thousands of acres, there’s NO way to control or monitor where their bees go, or know what kind of pollen they’re bringing back to the hive. Bees can travel up to 8 miles to find pollen. While the beekeeper might not use pesticides, a neighbor might. Velya and Ehris highly recommend that you use raw, local honey.

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