When Green Witches speak, people listen...

About Ehris

Ehris Urban, owner of Woodbury, CT’s Grounded Holistic Wellness, believes, “if you’re grounded, you can navigate even the bumpiest roads in peace.” She grew up in a family passionate about holistic medicine. Ehris is a green witch, herbalist, holistic nutritionist, and graduate of the New England School of Homeopathy. Additionally, Ehris is a Flower Essence Therapy practitioner. She became interested in Reiki as a teenager and attained Reiki Master certification at age 17. Ehris is also a certified Ingham Method reflexologist. A graduate of Western Connecticut State University with a B.A. in Anthropology/Sociology, she is also a certified ESL teacher. Ehris enjoys beekeeping, tending her organic vegetable and herb gardens, and working in her apothecary.

About Velya

Velya Jancz-Urban lives her life by the adage, “there is no growth without change.” Zany and gregarious, she is a teacher, author, former Brazilian dairy farm owner, and herstory unsanitized expert. Moving into a 1770 Connecticut farmhouse ignited Velya’s obsession with the colonial era, and led to her entertainingly-informative presentation, The Not-So-Good Life of the Colonial Goodwife. She has been married to Jim for 38 years and is the mother of two grown children. Velya has a few too many rescue dogs and cats, is happiest with a fresh stack of library books, loves thrift shops, and is passionate about alternative medicine.

Books by Velya & Ehris

Dare to be a Green Witch

If you’re ready to follow the path less traveled, Velya and Ehris' latest book (Llewellyn Worldwide, July 2021) will guide you through creating healing cold and flu remedies, tonics, broths, ferments, infusions, and decadent treats. Take back your power—the power to heal and renew.

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How to Survive a Brazilian Betrayal

Velya and Ehris’ mother/daughter memoir (Green Writers Press, 2019), reveals how the duo were grounded, lost everything, became better versions of themselves, and a dynamic mother/daughter team.

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Whooo Eats What?

While Margaret the Barn Owl is preening her feathers, she notices a kooky, hands-on science teacher collecting owl pellets in the woods. Margaret later observes a captivating Dissecting Owl Pellets class. Some of the students are enthusiastic, while others think the owl pellets are disgusting and look like a cat’s hairballs! Will their curiosity take over and lead them to discover whooo eats what? Mascot Boots, 2016

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1770 Grounded Goodwife Farmhouse

Wide-board floors, wrought-head nails, and original King’s wood paneling above the eight-foot-wide kitchen fireplace evoke a taste of colonial America. In 2010, each member of the Urban family lost it all, but this Connecticut farmhouse helped them become better versions of themselves.


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Why Grounded Goodwife?

The Grounded Goodwife inspiration was born at Rich Farm Ice Cream Shop in Oxford, CT. It dawned on Ehris and Velya (over hot fudge sundaes) that they should team up and work together. Since Ehris owned Grounded Holistic Wellness, and Velya’s lively and engaging presentation was titled The Not-So-Good Life of the Colonial Goodwife, they decided to join forces and merge names. All good things begin with ice cream!