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Herstory Unsanitized Presentations

explore censored history

Delve into the engrossing “taboo” topics omitted from women's history, including: menstruation, chamber pots, birth control, body hair, breastfeeding, underwear, and poopy babies!

Women need to be reminded how far we've come to see how far we still can go.

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Holistic Workshops

cultivate holistic confidence

Whether you’re a wanna-be herbal witch, love the idea of making holistic gifts, or just want to live the natural life on a budget, our hands-on holistic workshops are a great resource to add some DIY herbal products to your repertoire. Velya & Ehris share their knowledge with reassurance and humor.

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Meet Velya & Ehris

the mother/daughter Grounded Goodwife duo

When a vivacious teacher and grounded herbalist join forces, they create Grounded Goodwife. Velya’s gregarious personality and Ehris’ serene energy enable this mother/daughter duo to connect with audiences through their seminars, herstory unsanitized presentations, holistic workshops, and books. Funny and frank, Velya and Ehris share their respect for Mother Nature, enthusiasm for all things green, and belief that history (and life!) should never be boring.

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David Lucander

Associate Professor of Multicultural Studies, SUNY Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching
Rockland Community College 

You did a fantastic job! I'm going to push hard to make sure that we have the budget to bring ya'll out next academic year.  I've been teaching for 15+ years and written a couple of books, it's not often that I attend an engaging presentation that is also informative. Very well done indeed!  

Jane Hikel

women's studies professor

Even though I have taught in the Women’s Studies Program at CCSU for many years, I learned a lot about the history of women’s clothing from Suffragettes in Corselettes. It is quite a skill to create an informative presentation that packs in a thousand years of fashion history and relates it all to women’s struggle toward equity and do it all in a very entertaining way.  And, how great that you are a mother and daughter team.

Adam McConville

Community Engagement Librarian
Adams Memorial Library, PA

Thank you both for the informative presentation yesterday. I have to say that it's clear you've done 300+ of these Zoom events; your delivery was constantly on point, and I appreciate that you took the time to engage with the chat.

Lynn Alexander

Regent, DAR Mary Wooster Chapter

Velya and Ehris brought two programs to my DAR chapter - Mary Wooster in Danbury - as part of our fund-raising efforts. Their funny and frank programs were highly successful! Their professionalism and delightful and engaging delivery were well-received and appreciated. Two objectives of DAR are Historical Preservation and Education. These ladies nailed both! Because of their dedication to research, my chapter gave Velya and Ehris each DAR Certificates of Award for keeping the Colonial Era of America alive and well.

Marla Martin

Adult Programming, Woodbury Public Library, CT

The Grounded Goodwife mother/daughter duo always receives my highest praise. They speak on a variety subjects that are both interesting and unusual, and their knowledge of those subjects is incredible. Whether they are speaking to adults, teens, or younger children, the programs are offered with plenty of accurate information, humor and great care. When you hire them, you can count on punctual and organized professionals who have the ability to connect with all sorts of people on a friendly and engaging level. In short, Grounded Goodwife offers wonderful and engaging programs.

Luanne Echert

I have had the pleasure and the opportunity to enroll in an in-person class as well as many of the Grounded Goodwife zoom classes.  Their presentations are always insightful, loaded with fascinating, beneficial facts and will inevitably have you chuckling.  The best thing is, they actually live what they teach which speaks volumes about the quality and knowledge of the their subject matter.  I strongly recommend following Grounded Goodwife for their fun, educational posts and their presentations schedule.  Also, I would look for their upcoming book, Dare to be a Green Witch, to be released soon!

Christy Parker

Absolutely love these two! They know their stuff and their delivery is so enjoyable! If you're looking for some interesting, informative and fun presentations, check them out!!

Becky Blackburn

Westfield Athenaeum, MA

I have had nothing but effusive praise for your program with us on Friday night! Everyone just loved the presentation and thought you were just so entertaining and fun.  We will have you back again! 

Mary Ann Deverell

I have taken many Grounded Goodwife Zoom classes throughout our Covid time. I can’t begin to say enough wonderful things about them. I have learned so much and loved every minute with them. I am waiting for their second book to arrive any day now! I hope they will continue with their Zooms. They are just THE BEST!