Join Ehris, Velya, and Jim in their magnificent adventure
to an unknown future...

When a small-town Connecticut family decides that medical freedom and living in a foreign country are priorities, they pack up their New England lives and move to the Yucatán in Mexico. After buying and renovating a 1910 Mérida mansion which they name Casona Limón, they also purchase a Yucatecan ranch where they can raise grassfed/free range hormone/antibiotic-free animals as well as non-GMO vegetables, fruits, and herbs. They're not city-slickers, and have raised chickens, geese, goats, and Madeline-the-pot-bellied-pig - but this will be their introduction to bulls, barbed wire, food forests, calving, breadfruit, chaya, and growing cacao!

They've always been a little offbeat. From following the Blood Type Diet for 25+ years ➜ homeschooling ➜ moving to rural Brazil to open a dairy farm and an English school ➜ feeding their pets raw ➜ living in a 1770 haunted house ➜ using no allopathics ➜ finding a (verified) 18th century human molar in their Connecticut kitchen sink!

Velya and Ehris are published authors and speakers who concentrate on living holistically and "herstory unsanitized." They explore censored women's history and encourage readers and audiences to cultivate holistic confidence. Jim's creative problem solving philosophy enables him to tackle any project.

Most people will choose unhappiness over uncertainty. But some of the best chapters in your life won't have a title until you're halfway into the book! If you have the urge to live boldly, uncertainly, imperfectly, magically, and beautifully - this family will inspire you!

Casona Limón: tour our Mexican mansion!

Books by Ehris & Velya

Dare to be a Green Witch

Velya & Ehris' latest book! From creating a Cozy Nights Herbal Sleep Pillow to Little Miss Muffett’s Strawberry Whey Lemonade, Dare to be a Green Witch shows you how to use nature’s gifts and enjoy holistic wellness. Blurbed by famed herbalists Rosemary Gladstar and Susun Weed!

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How to Survive a Brazilian Betrayal

Velya and Ehris’ mother/daughter memoir (Green Writers Press, 2019), reveals how the duo were grounded, lost everything, became better versions of themselves, and a dynamic mother/daughter team.

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